Sometimes in the middle of the night

when a small candle is the only light, I remember

you in my arms and thank whatever gods

may be that you are safe beyond the crystal sea

and are waiting there for me

on the shores of Eternity.


In red shorts and a white cotton bra,

Mama smoked cigarettes, talking

on the phone until Daddy got home.



In his cold lonely room the aged pianist

ate crackers, drank water from an old tin cup,

listened to Dvorac, Lischt, and Wagner.

Retiring for bed, he dressed in red flannel underwear

dreamed of her, lay down upon his pillow, and

wet it down with tears.


Those of you who have read this blog for awhile are no stranger

to Elaine, the most beautiful young girl in the world.

We met at the Silver Wheel Skating Rink and skated couples

with my arm around her waist under a multifaceted silver ball.

We fell in love,

I often wonder if she remembers me and the charm bracelet

I gave her for Christmas, how many grandchildren she has,

where she lives, and if life is treating her well.

Soon I will slip into the azure sea of Eternity and will wait

there for Elaine, my first and one true love


Playing mountain

music on a banjo his Father had built,

where he raised a family…now the young

man strums tunes and dreams of music

he will never hear.


Her Mother’s Day

chocolate covered cherries

still uneaten when she slipped away

into skies of purest blue


Walking his tiny dog,

the old frail man sits

beside the fire drinking

from his dog’s water bowl

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